About us



The company was founded in 1987 by a respectful Thai engineer, Mr. Vichai Unahabhokha, with the willing to develop Thai refrigeration industry to be able to compete with all other nations under its own brand of ‘THERMEDEZ’

Over 25 years of expertise in refrigeration system, our company specializes in providing professional refrigeration solutions for food retail businesses to meet their specific requirements. Our equipment is designed by experienced refrigeration engineers in qualified laboratories and manufactured with top-class machineries using high quality materials. The company operates as a one-stop service for customers including nationwide logistics, proficient installation, and after-sales service with well-trained and experienced technicians. We constantly deliver these combined solutions to support our customers to stand at the forefront of their businesses.


We thrive to be a nation’s leader in providing one-stop for commercial refrigeration equipment and services. Continuous improvement on product and process, non-stop innovation, maintaining high standards and good governance are our core values of success.


  1. One-stop solutions : Offer fully integrated products and services with International standards and quality.
  2. Innovation & Creativity: Continually innovate and develop both new and existing products to meet customer and social requirements.
  3. Technology & Productivity: Constantly improve production efficiency and productivity with advanced technology and machine.
  4. Good governance: Drive business with integrity and good governance as well as creating sustainable strategic partnerships
  5. Employees: Maintain a comfortable working environment and constantly develop the skills and living standard of employees to have them grow alongside the company.


• We offer our customers tailored solutions that meet various customers’ needs.
• We focus on products performance in order to product effective energy consumption


• We can flexibly respond to special requirements.
• We have quality control system enabling us to control the whole manufacturing processes.


• We keep our promises to ensure that our products and services will be delivered to customer


• We provide installation and ongoing engineering services to ensure the products good performance with the experienced engineers and well organize network of services in all around Thailand.


• Energy saving concept is our principle to develop the new technology into our products.