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Over 30 years of experiences in servicing commercial refrigeration system

THERMEDEZ specializes in providing professional refrigeration service solutions for food & retail business to maintain and enhance their on-going product to operate at its best condition.

Improper installation is most likely to result in an early breakdown of the products.


Our installation service aims to ensure the highest efficiency and performance of our products. By installing the product correctly, the product lifetime can be prolonged, and the energy consumption will be more efficient.

  • Prevent an early breakdown
  • Prolong the product lifetime 
  • Ensure highest efficiency & performance

Have you taken a good and proper care of your refrigeration system?

Preventive Maintenance

Having a preventive maintenance of your refrigeration system quarterly will have a great effect on your equipment performance as well as reducing any unnecessary costs and opportunity loss in the event of breakdown.

  • Prolong the product lifetime 
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Ensure highest efficiency & performance
  • Reduce breakdown possibility
  • Avoid sales opportunity loss

Provide a professional solutions by our experienced technicians and engineers team.

Corrective Maintenance (CM)

We are utmost confident in our experiences in commercial refrigeration system, we can provide a corrective maintenance service to ensure that your products will be back in good shape.

  • Fast and precise
  • Experienced technicians & engineers to support
  • Trusted & professional service network
  • Support our customers nationwide