Thermedez to create an opportunity for students to be able work during university period

Date : 29/03/2558

On 29th March 2015, THERMEDEZ Company Limited has signed a partnership agreement with Kanjanapisak Nongjok Industrial and Community Education Collage to create an opportunity for High Vocational Certificate students of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning major and Faculty of Electrical major to be able to work during their university period as a mean to promote the policy of the Department of Vocational Education GET MONEY, GET A JOB, GET EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND to support students for their future careers after the graduation.

Mr.Tosak Chobpanich, the Managing Director of THERMEDEZ, revealed that this project has been done before last year with very positive feedback and satisfactory. Thus, the company hopes to continue its vision of promoting education and technical knowledge development to the future of Thai workforce as well as encouraging students to develop themselves with some set of lifelong skills and to earn some income during their university study to aid their cost of living.

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